I utilize my talents with photography to help missionary families with school photos. From 2003-2005, I taught Graphic Design and Yearbook at Black Forest Academy, a school for missionary kids. This school is located in Kandern, Germany.

While this is an unusual ministry, it does allow the missionary families serving in over 50 countries of ministry to have school photos of their children. The school portraits I take are used in the school yearbook.

Barry Lawrensen School Portraits Sample

Most high school students in the USA enjoy a tradition of taking special portraits their senior year of high school. Missionary kids often miss out on this opportunity. So while I visit the school to take school portraits, I schedule senior portrait sessions for 75 seniors in seven days. These are also used for the school yearbook, and displayed on a website for students and their families to view. This website is

Senior portrait previews on Festive Media website

Besides providing professional photographs for the students, staff, and their families, graphic design and yearbook students assist in the photography, providing practical experience in portrait photography. It is also a very fun experience for everyone.

Taking portraits with student assistants

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