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Elizabeth Lawrensen

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The Right Thing Missions Documentary

The Right Thing is the story of Ken and Elaine Jacobs, and their 30-year work with the Tsotsil people of the Chiapas highlands in southern Mexico. I filmed and edited this 22-minute video, including on-location footage from the dedication of the Bible in the Chamula language, as God's Word is presented to the local people in their heart language.

Here is a 3-minute excerpt from this video:


Ken Jacob's brother, Dave, thought Ken was crazy to dedicate his life to Bible translation. But Dave read the story of Mariono, who was lost without Christ. Ken's brother had brought the gospel to Mariono in southern Mexico, and Mariono's story helped Dave realize that Christ could change his life, as well.

Elizabeth Lawrensen as Annie

My daughter, Elizabeth, was chosen to play the role of Annie in a nearby community theatre production of the wonderful musical. This is an excerpt from the production.

Elizabeth Lawrensen Singing

Elizabeth Lawrensen performs for a Northwestern College competition similar to American Idol. Click on the link below to see an excerpt of this three-camera video production, directed by Barry Lawrensen.

Elizabeth Lawrensen Singing in NC/DC Competition (this link will open in a separate window)

Audio Production

Know What You Believe
Original Song

Original words and music by Barry Lawrensen, recorded using Pro Tools LE multi-track recording hardware/software. Electric piano and lead vocal tracks were recorded first. Then drums, bass, strings, flute, and harmony vocal were added.

Worldview Song (mp3 file - will open in a separate window) or click the play button below:

Elizabeth Lawrensen
Original Song

I helped my daughter, Elizabeth Lawrensen, record some of her original songs. This is one sample, recorded with an Olympus MA10 digital recorder.

Julia (mp3 file - will open in a separate window) or click the play button below: